Hello, I’m Ben.

I’m half way through life and still trying to find my place in the world.

I know I like ideas. But not just any ideas. The only good ideas are ones that are good for the world. If it doesn’t make the world a better place then it’s not really a good idea is it?

I know I like ideas to be fun and social. Social means they spread. Fun is just fun.

I never want to be a critic, commentator or thought leader. I want to be a do leader. Thought needs action, action needs thought. They go together.

I’ve survived cancer. It changed me. If life was short before, it sure seems so now. Like the Grim Reaper came for me and I snuck out the back door. Like one day he’s going to do a stocktake, then come finish the job.

I’m a Dad. Two times. This is big news. When I was squabbling with cancer I was told this might never happen. My wife rocks. It was all her doing.

I’m on a mission. To be part of 100 ideas that make the world a better place. I don’t need to create them all. That would be selfish. I’d rather be like Steven Speilberg. He wrote The Goonies, directed Jaws and produced Super 8. That’s three ways to help birth an idea into the world.

I like to do. I like to talk about it. I hope it inspires people to join in.

I want the world to know that it let me survive, so I’m returning favour.



Ben Peacock

Ben is a writer, cancer survivor and a founder of do-good agency, Republic of Everyone.

He’s on a mission to help create 100 ideas that make the world a better place. So far the list includes the award winning Tails for Whales, the even more award-winning Garage Sale Trail, the fledgling Grow It Local and the Greens ad made famous by the Gruen Transfer.

Ben’s book, Lessons My Left Testicle, is about surviving cancer and learning to live.

He is a spokesperson for the Cancer Council and a member of their Men’s Health Committee.

In his spare time he surfs, plays guitar and dreams of life in a Kombi.


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